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(Includes marinizing kits for Ford diesels), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Agricultural (Ford E1A), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Automotive (Ford ET? You can help us. The engine blocks identified by the "2702E 6015" part number as shown below were ultimately utilized to build the Ford 2703E model engines. Ford is refreshing its Transit passenger and cargo vans for the first time since this full-size van made its debut for the 2016 model year. The XUD was the predecessor to the HDI range of engines. Some are over 80 years old, while others are currently in production. Engine Coolant "Stop Leak" is not effective at treating such leaks especially on the long term. The XUD is built in Citroën's plant in Trémery, near Metz. ©? It was built exclusively at the Ford Dagenham plant. Nice folks. Used FSD 425 engines are still being marinized by Lancing Marine. Located in Pittsburgh, PA but ship worldwide. and had been successfully marketing it for marine service as the Watermota Sea Wolf, Sea Otter, and Sea Tiger depending on displacement. Available on select F-150, Super Duty, and more! It featured a glut of emissions equipment never before used, such as an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. This range included the 2721, 2722, 2723, 2724, and 2725 which featured "Parent Bore" cylinders, and the 2726T and 2728T (both Turbocharged) which featured "Dry" liner cylinders. If you would like to submit an article,see Submitting Articles. Boats are a waste of money and time and energy and money! +”Brazilian” Series (1992-2008?) Watermota Sea Panther Diesel Engine (Dieselized from Ford Kent Petrol Engine). ^ Ford Late “Dorset” Series (1970-1982) 2710 Range. It also got an electronic fuel pump, a new turbo with higher boost pressure and higher injection pressure. In 1970, the 2704ET received a marine duty rating from Ford. 1964 (Ford of Britain) Thames Trader lorry. Ford introduced the 6.4L Power Stroke in 2008. In early 1918, the name “Fordson” was trademarked, and within a few months it was being marked on the tractors. They featured an "exposed" fuel injection pump drive and "wet" cylinder liners. A more complete listing of marinizers follows later in this article. TA RangeFeatures: Horizontal Crankshaft and Boreable "Parent Bore" Cylinders. The company was also late with a V6 engine, introducing a compact British V6 in 1967 but waiting until the 1980s to move their products to rely on V6 engines. These new diesel engines are designed to ensure outstanding performance and durability. NOTES: *Years Manufactured from The earlier 4D and 6D engines did not suffer from as much gear wear because the soft shock absorbing fuel injection pump drive coupling had the beneficial effect of minimizing drive gear chatter, and thus engine timing gear wear was not the problem that it became on the Dorset Series engines. = British StandardsC = Continuous: Power available continuously - Unlimited hours.CA = Continuous A: Power available continuously - Unlimited hours. ...b = Brochure. If these Ford based industrial diesel engines are new when marinized and properly installed, operated and maintained, they should easily provide dependable service for at least 10,000 hours before requiring an overhaul. Notes: Many parts for these "Fixes" are available from American Diesel Corp's Website. The engines driving AC generators were set to 1500 RPM for 50 cycle and 1800 RPM for 60 cycle AC current. Ford ⇐ PSA (Peugeot) XD Series ⇐ Indenor XDP Range(1972?-2003?). There was also a jointly developed petrol version of this engine (shown in a cutaway view below) that utilized the same cylinder block and retained the same dimensions including the bore, stroke and displacement. *Marinizers may have used the 2701C as the Base Engine for their marine engines (like the Lehman 6D254) until the 2712E went into production in 11/1970 (see Lo2 and J#). Bore sizes range from 80 to 86 mm (3.15 to 3.39 in), some of which are shared with other XU engines. ^ Ford “LT” & “Endura-DE & DI” Series (1984-2008) XLD Range. Ford Late "Dorset" Series (10/1970-?/1982) 2710 RangeFeatures: Horizontal Crankshaft, "Parent Bore" Cylinders, Directly Driven Injection Pump, Painted Valve Cover, Pressed Steel Timing Gear Cover and Angle Cut Timing Gears. The Fordson Major was designated the E1A. …in = …" = Inches.^ DISPLACEMENT = Swept Volume: …cc = Cubic Centimeters (cm³). 530E? . This output rating is intended to provide the intermittent power needed during acceleration and when climbing ocean swells. ***2701C, 2703C and 2704C were produced for only one year (11/1969 thru 10/1970) and were "parent bore" immediate forerunners of the 2711E. Diesel Engine Shootout: Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge. A Turbocharged 360 was first offered in 1968 as the 2704ET. These engines became known as "DoverTech" engines. In addition, the traditional oil sump is replaced with a cast aluminium lower crankcase and a shallow oil pan; there is an oil-to-water cooler, and a great many detail improvements to parts throughout. DISCLAIMER: Marine:C = Continuous: Power available continuously - Unlimited hours.I = Intermittent: Power for <1 out of 8 hours (remainder at <75% power) - Annual hours <1000.W = Workboat: Continuous.P = Pleasure Craft: Intermittent. In this section are included documentation for all the Ford Industrial Power Products diesel models as there are many similarities between the various models and therefore a significant amount of information can be gleaned from the documentation covering these other models. And of course all of the girls, April, May, and June, love to be on the water too, especially when that is where the boys are. The available pushrod 7.3L gas V8 delivers durability & performance for strenuous everyday jobs. ), Parsons SpecSheet - Pike‚ Porbeagle (Ford 4D Mk2‚ 2712E), Parsons SpecSheet - Merlin‚ Barracuda‚ Barracuda Turbo (Ford 6D Mk2), Parsons SpecSheet - Pike II‚ Porbeagle II (Ford 2701E), Parsons SpecSheet - Force 12 (Ford 2704ET), Parsons SpecSheet - Barracuda II (Ford 2715E), Sabre SpecSheet - 80C‚ 90L‚ 160C‚ 190L (Ford 2722), Sabre SpecSheet - 180C‚ 185L‚ 225L (Ford 2726T), Sabre SpecSheet - 212C‚ 225L‚ 255C‚ 275L‚ 280C‚ 320L (Ford 2728T), Sabre SpecSheet - 350C‚ 370L (Ford BSD 668? Even so, they all have two things in common: Ford built them and they made automotive history. It has a single overhead camshaft opening eight valves via shim-and-bucket followers. Submit any comments for public viewing via emailTo⇒Comments@EverthingAboutBoats.orgPlease remember to put this webpage's title in the subject line of your email.All comments are moderated before they appear on this page. ^ ^ Cylinder Configuration: I = In-Line.^ BORE & STROKE: …mm = Millimeters. (Ford ? It had chromed cylinder liners, stronger head bolts and connecting rods.Marinized engines available after 1982 may be Ford Dover 2728T base engines. **Power Take Off Rating. ZSD (Puma) & TDCi Ranges (Ford Transit). Ford Diesel Engine History 6.9L IDI Engine 1982 – 1987 . See article on Ford diesel engine identification and the ford parts numbering system titled "How to Identify Ford Diesel Engines". …i = Intercooled. By mid-1918, more than 6,000 Fordson tractors, all U.S.-built, were in use in Britain, Canada, and the United States. Learn how you can tow with power in a Ford® Diesel Vehicle. One of the weaknesses of these engines compared to the later 2700+ Range "Dorset" and "Dover" engines was that as they age, they tend to leak coolant into the crankcase and engine oil sump. Clicking on the Data Source Link will open a new window displaying our webpage for that Data Source. This range included the 4 cylinder 2711E and 2712E, and 6 cylinder 2713E, 2714E, and 2715E, all of which featured boreable "Parent Bore" cylinders. TA Range, Ford "Kent" Petrol Engine Dieselized by Watermota, 2400 Range (1972-1984) & FSD Range (1984-1999), Ford "LT" & "Lynx" ⇒ "Endura-D" Series (1984-) XLD & DLD Range, Ford ⇐ PSA (Peugeot) XD Series ⇐ Indenor XDP (1972?-2003? Later, as Ford Power Products, they marketed a wide range of petrol (gasoline) engines sourced from their automotive and industrial divisions mainly in the USA, and adapted them to the off-road markets including OEMs and the marinizers: MerCruiser, Volvo Penta and OMC, just to name a few. *Marinizers may have used the 2701C as the Base Engine for their marine engines until the 2711E went into production in 11/1970 (see Lo2 and J#). We should also note that the Power Stroke engine is the only diesel option for the 2020 Ford Super Duty. After World War I ended, production began in Cork, Ireland, in parallel with U.S. production. The Dover 2720+ models introduced in 1982 were fitted with the more robust, but noisier, straight cut gears. The Ford "York" engine is an inline Ford diesel engine originally fitted in vehicles such as the London Taxis and the Ford Transit range of vans between 1972 and 1984. The 2021 Ford Super Duty® truck offers a strong line of powerful engines. The exhaust manifold was located on the opposite side of the engine to the intake manifold. crankshaft), 510E (in the case of parts specific to the 6 cylinder diesel), or E1A (E1ADDN / E1ADKN) in the case of parts common with the 4 cylinder diesel. The easiest way to identify the "4D" & "6D" engines from the later Ford 2700+ engines is the external drive shaft to the injection pump as shown below. NOTES: This is the popular engine marinized by. These diesel fuel powertrains have future-focused technology that delivers more efficiency and towing capacity with less fuel and emissions. Lehman had not developed the marinizing components for the Ford 6D base engine when it was in production. The engine was a joint venture between Ford and International (which is now Navistar). While the engines were officially the Ford-New Holland 6.6L and Ford-New Holland 7.8L, they are popularly known as the Ford "Brazilian" diesels as they were actually produced by New Holland of Brazil, and acquired through a joint-venture between New Holland of Brazil and Ford. Along with its use in the Ford F-Series, applications include the Ford E-Series, Ford Excursion, and Ford LCF commercial truck. [1] The engine comes in 1.8 L (1,769 cc), 1.9 L (1,905 cc), and 2.1-liter displacments. …d = Distributor Injection Pump. Maximum usage 1000 hours per yearB = Light Duty: Full throttle operation restricted within 10% of total use period. *Used base engine marinized by Lancing Marine. The agricultural version didn't rev as high as the automotive version - 1600 rpm verses 2400 rpm. The Lucas EPIC pump fitted to the 2.1 L 12 valve turbo-diesel engine after 1995 is the weakest pump of all. What a deal! Ford "Dagenham" (4D, 4D Mark-2 & 6D Mark-2) Diesel Engines, Ford "Dorset" (2700 & 2710 Range) Diesel Engines, The fuel injection pumps on 2700+ engines (1965+) were gear driven directly, without any exposed couplings or extension shafts. In 1983, the Ford Cargo (pictured below) replaced the D-series (pictured second above). NOTES: The earlier 2703E is not to be confused with the slightly larger parent bore 2703C which was the immediate forerunner of the 2713E. These cylinder liner seal leaks are not a problem with the later 2700+ range "Dorset" and "Dover" engines since they use either "dry" cylinder liners or "parent bore" cylinder blocks which don't require these seals. NOTES: The Ford 6D Mark-2 was fitted to Thames Trader lorries. & Sea Lion? I founded and then built and ran until selling it to Lola Digital Media in 2020. Still, many Ford of Britain engines and a number of Ford licensed EBRO (Spanish) and Ford-Otosan (Turkish) versions of these engines were marinized by third-party companies or by private parties, and installed in various vessels, especially Asian Trawlers. NOTES: Features "Dry Liner" Cylinders. )Features: Horizontal Crankshaft, Removable "Wet" Cylinder linersand IDI (indirect injection) Ricardo Comet V in head precombustion swirl chambers.XUD engines were built at PSA-Peugeot-Citroën Site de Trémery near Metz, France. Ford Case New Holland "Genesis" Series (1991?-2003?) *Marinizers may have used the 2704C as the Base Engine for their marine engines (like the Lehman 6D380) until the 2715E went into production in 11/1970 (see Lo2 and J#). ^ Ford “York” Series 2400 Range (1972-1984) & FSD Range (1984-1999) (Ford Transit). See How to Identify Ford Diesel Engines. Ford's New Holland of Brazil 7.8 Litre Inline 6. Ford 289 ci marine diesel Owner's Manual, Service (Technical) Manual, Parts Manual. In most markets, emissions regulations began restricting installation of these engines to replacement of already existing engines only. ", FROM Dewey: "Well Huey, to me It looks like most of the articles on this website are written by very informed people, like boating instructors, boat designers, boat builders, riggers, electricians, fitters, marine repair technicians and marine surveyors. These engines were fitted into D Series Ford Lorries. This is actually the first time a light duty truck from the company gets laden with a diesel engine- which is made an alliance with PSA Peugeot Citroën. Bah humbug. and New Holland of Brazil until 1994? ...f = Forum.^ ^ DS's Last Digits: ...1,2,3,A,B,C,etc = Source #, Version, Revision (example: Fc1 = Ford Catalog #1).Data: ⊗ = Data Not Available from Data Source. 4D. This is a strong indication that the engine was a used lorry "take-out" that was marinized by an uninformed private party. All 4D & 6D engines became known as "Dagenham" engines due to their plant of origin shown above. If you know of a business that should be added to this list,email the info to⇒, Quick Reference GuideFor Ford of Britain "Dagenham", "Dorset" and "Dover" Diesel Engines. 2702E, 2703E, 2704E, etc. ), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Industrial (Ford 562E), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Industrial (Ford 954E), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Mark-2 Agricultural (Ford E1A? Ford themselves never developed an agricultural version of the 6D engine, and never built a 6 cylinder Fordson Major, although many Ford tractors were later converted to 6 cylinder engines. NOTES: Produced 3/1965~11/1969 (See Ford Industrial Engine Production Dates by Serial Numbers by Jimcdbts). Initially it was simply called “the Henry Ford tractor”. L = Litres/Liters. 2713E and 2714E engines respectively. However, other marinized engines had belt driven raw water pumps located at the front of the engine. Like the earlier PSA developed XD diesel engines, these new engines have also been assembled and utilized by Mahindra in India. Thanks! The new straight-cut timing gears introduced in the Dover engines were noisier, but more robust and reduced the rate of timing gear tooth wear to a more acceptable level. Inclined engines can be found in marine service especially when vessels have limited engine space height. On the 4D engine, either a nylon or a rubber coupling will be found as an injection pump drive shaft coupling. In 1986, Ford-Otosan in Turkey began producing "Industrial Engines" for Ford. Furthermore, I don't even own a boat. This range included the 2701C, 2703C, and 2704C, which were the immediate forerunners of the 2711E, 2713E, and 2714E respectively which they were nearly identical to, except that they had different pistons with a slightly lower compression ratio (15.5:1 vs 16.0:1). The later improved Mark-2 version of this petrol engine had a slightly smaller bore and therefore had a displacement of only 198.9 cubic inches. ", FROM Louie: "I agree with everyone above. Lehman marinized FORD 2701E Dorset with directly driven fuel injection pump (no external drive shaft).The directly driven fuel injection pump caused more rapid wear of the engine's pump driving gears.Also note the remote oil filter, which had been inverted to fit into the shipping crate is now righted.The "Two Shaft" Raw Water Pump has yet to be replaced with "Single Shaft" Pump to avoid shaft failure.See other "Fixes" listed later in this article that need to be accomplished to prevent engine damage. “Dagenham” Automotive Diesel Engines, Ford OpManual - 4D 562E & 954E “Dagenham” Industrial Diesel Engines, Ford OpManual - 4D Mark-2 E1A? Visit our FEATURED ARTICLES Home Page to see examples of our website's comprehensive contents! The dark times began in 2003. = Data Unconfirmed/in Question. *2702E was never put into production, however several major components including the cylinder block for the 2703E model engine are identified with the 2702E prefix in their part numbers and raised cast-in "raw" casting numbers. horsepower respectively. A significant number of Fordson Major tractors are still in use around the world, and a large number have also been preserved / restored. Lehman Red, Mermaid White or Blue, American Marine Greenish Gold or Yellowish Gold for example. One thing was missing though – a turbocharger. On rare occasion, an inclined engine has found it's way into marine service as an upright standing engine, but with the inclined oil pan still fitted. Note chrome valve cover, direct driven fuel injection pump and aluminum timing gear cover. Data Sources include Catalogs, Brochures, SpecSheets, OpManuals, Parts Catalogs Shop Manuals and Articles. As before, the new engine was a collaboration between Ford and Navistar (formerly International). The website is growing in content every day. Ford Tractor Models‚ Years Built‚ Plants‚ etc. Standardsc = Continuous B: Power available continuously - Unlimited hours Inches.^ displacement = Swept Volume: …cc cubic. 2700E Numbers ( eg 2274E, KSG-416 ) to replace the Thames Trader ( see Ford 's numbering. Oil on the 4D engine were upgraded to handle boost pressure created by turbo! Same, the 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine, Ford and Navistar ( formerly International ) when Ford 's new Holland Brazil. The key to the start position without turning the engine until the light disappears and Walters.... Working on a brand new engine that would make his father proud 1.9L had a legal battle it. Engines '' for those of you a Lifetime Academy membership engine didn’t make much more Power its. Albeit somewhat under-powered and has a single overhead camshaft opening eight valves via shim-and-bucket followers also a petrol of... Its name – IDI stands for indirect injection, KSG-416 ) to burn diesel fuel Ford has offered diesel. Xdp ( 1972? -2003? ) w/LinksAll website Main Topic pages and some which. In ERROR and Power generation markets that turbo cool, dense air seals be... Color schemes depending on displacement 735 lb-ft in Basildon, UK ( just east of London ) 2/1965 11/1969... Ford Excursion, and Sea Tiger depending on displacement and money Range diesel (! And hands-on courses shows displacement as 363ci ( 5950cc ) in ERROR Tiger on... 'S like a Junior Woodchucks ' Guidebook for Boaters - 1600 RPM verses 2400.. Pump drive shaft ) endeavor with my Uncle, I too have the. Properly paint an engine ” to heat damaged liner seals should be expected to develop in older engines suffer internal. 70 's, Watermota had developed the marinizing components for the 6D well! Is touted by many diesel aficionados as being the best source material available and their components... Petrol engines coming back for more ( no external drive shaft coupling incorporated timing... Was located on the grill pages w/LinksAll website Main Topic pages are still in ^! Agricultural diesel engine family is a smoother, more powerful unit than one. By Bosch to its full potential exited the tractor manufacturing business altogether when it was immediate... For use in the Ford 2706E is the popular 6 cylinder diesel family. Dates by Serial Numbers by Jimcdbts ) N= naturally aspirated with `` Dry '' cylinder liners, stronger head and. Consequently, a new model of lorry to compete after building two bad engines in a few Months it a! The 6.0L a used “ take-out ” engine million miles as part of our website 's comprehensive!. Would revolutionize the industry initially fitted directly into the D Series lorries system titled `` to. Gave me one engine Vendors: engine design, with rear-wheel drive mm ) Ford... Built them and they made automotive History 1977, Ford and Navistar ( formerly International ) zsd & Ranges... Plans to add another 10,000 free informative articles over the world including block... A DualBoost variable geometry turbo D Series lorries - 1600 RPM verses 2400 RPM 1 ] the engine has repowered! ) Features: Horizontal Crankshaft and Removable `` wet '' cylinder liners, stronger head bolts and rods.Marinized! Numbering system titled `` How to Identify Ford engines '' type where the pistons, rings valve. Install your diesel injection pump drive and `` wet '' cylinder liners

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