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There are many options when choosing which media to use while growing microgreens. These data suggest that microgreens can modulate weight gain and cholesterol metabolism and may protect against CVD by preventing hypercholesterolemia. The Folklore, Facts & Fun, The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book Review, Top 10 Simple DIY Dishcloths For Beginners, How To Decorate Outdoor Window Boxes For Winter, Fire Pit! For the Home Microgreen Gardener growing on fiber pads will cost you time and produce less nutritious greens. Read on to see if our instincts were correct in this assumption! As shown below, we chose to utilize only one hydroponic mat for this test, again as our preference is to raise all we can organically. YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLnVESWFPV0UwcXY4, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLnBCVUdDYjFLNXU4, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLnVtVERlNWVYcXBv, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLnRzbHBwOG9tWms4, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLmpjQjNfc2lxUXdF, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLlUzbGc5ZHU5Rk44, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLmtGNDNOYkl3X1Bj, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLjZOZFBDeDB2bXFJ, YouTube Video VVUzTkJJSml5X3A4cU00aFBPcGZ4WVBRLk1JUDgtV3prNHh3, Can a Hot Tub Sit on Gravel? Their quality is highly recommended! Saving this for another day. Then look to Broccoli, Cress, Mustard, and Radish varieties. Thank you for sharing. I can smell the soil when I read your post. Having never grown microgreens prior, the quick-start guides supplied, one each for growing with the soil method or the hydroponic method, came in very useful. In hydroponic supply stores, Coco Loco is sold in 2 cubic foot bags for between $19.50 and $21.00. Once the seeds have sprouted (for us it was 3 days, but should your area be warmer, germination maybe sooner) and the sprouts have begun to set their roots into the soil (this will be visibly seen), remove the top tray and expose to light. It is a method that we utilized during our harvests of fresh lettuce as well. This post contains shared product for review. Therefore, we are more familiar with the moisture levels needed to create a successful crop. I only eat it on my margherita pizzas I need to eat this more often! Thoughts on Growing Media. @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn. Which grow media was best? No space to really grow them but enjoy watching others for sure. More importantly, was there a taste difference between growing microgreens in hydroponics vs. soil? Although many will want to complete this process anyway, small-time growers such as myself tend to prefer not to complete this step, especially when growing organically. Soil is taken out of the picture and replaced with one of the common hydroponic growing media.Eliminating soil also eliminates a lot of the different soil borne diseases and pests that plague traditional gardening. As only the first two options have been tried here on the hill, soil and hydroponic, we will only be addressing these in further discussion. The yield is also much lower. Growing mats from Biostrate were supplied to us for this comparison. Spread in a single layer 2-3 Tbl of seed over the mat. Soil will work best for most people, but if you want to grow in an urban environment, hydroponic media will be easier and cleaner to work with. Which is the better growing media for microgreens? We’ve grown mixed mustard greens, alfalfa greens and broccoli sprouts indoors and love them – all go very well with egg salad, lol! For an in depth look at the anatomy of plants, be sure to check out our article on Seed Viability! Depending on variety grown, most are high in potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese, & magnesium. Tons of Systems to Pick From In all of my research it is much easier to find hydroponic systems online (especially on Amazon). Great information! Your email address will not be published. Place the rolled microgreens into a zip baggy and store in your refrigerator for up to one week. I’d love to grow microgreens as well, for healthier add-ons to meals! Hydroponic microgreens have a distinct advantage over those grown in trays of substrates or soil mixes in that no granular growing medium needs to be used. Growing microgreens is an easy way to enjoy fresh, live, nutrient-dense food year-round no matter where you live. Catapult your content Over The Moon! When Life Hands You Heirloom Seeds – Just Plant ‘Em! It makes so much sense that their nutritional impact is concentrated, but I had no idea! I have been hearing a lot about microgreens lately. Soil: pH 5.5 pure water (for pH down I used 24% nitric acid) Cellulose: Cellulose does not need watering because there is a high water retention which is in my opinion the main reason for slow growing. Thank you Suzan for this great post. For us, soil bar far. I'm Suzan, a New England based homesteader & lover of organic gardening, food preservation, herbal remedies, yoga and so much more! This is a lot of really good information, not only did I learned all the details about growing microgreens, but also the important of eating them, even if I don’t get to grow them myself We specially love Basil, Arugula and peas and I did not know they were superfoods!! True Leaf Market responded to our inquiry about substitutions (only organic or OMRI certified micro mats instead of the Biostrate) with the following statement. How to grow your own delicious and nutritious microgreens. Depending on who you speak with, many believe soil is the media of choice for growing microgreens. The deluxe microgreen growing kit generously supplied to us by True Leaf Market consists of everything you will need to begin growing microgreens either using the soil method or hydroponically. thanks for the inspiration. Please refer to my Privacy & Disclosures for further information. All microgreens are highly nutritious. I’m so glad you are enjoying the information! The most popular microgreens tend to be Buckwheat (contrary to the name, not actually a wheat grain but instead a seed making it a good gluten-free option), Alfalfa, Beet, Clover, Collards, Kale, Kohlrabi, and Pea. Mist the seeds while covered 1-2 times per day to keep moist. That can get pricey pretty quickly. Other concerns using these particular growing mats include the expense and sustainability issues. This is great! higher than that of the same quantity of traditional mature greens. All opinions are my own. These baby plants are aromatic with an intense flavor due to their young age and contain high nutrient levels in comparison to their size. I would love to look back into this when my house is built and I have room for it! At the end it is only your decision, which way you wanna go, but honestly, both methods are good to go. Obviously, if we were selling these greens the added step of washing & drying thoroughly would be instituted. Microgreens are no different.

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