punk vs metal 2

  |  Short Intermediate Metal 1 Track. Please be as technical as possible. killed each other over anything Chuck Eddy has said. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. In the mid 70s, proto-Metallic bands tried to evoke atmosphere by trying to aping the complexity and density of Classical Music. Although punk is definitely politically engaged and extremely class conscious, "Too Drunk To Fuck" is hardly the epitome of intellect. Find out for sure with this quiz! Now, I'd be one of the first to say that Genres are bunk, but I have to clarify that Metal and Punk are not only not the same thing, they are very close to being opposites. And thrash metal is a mix of British heavy metal and hardcore punk. 8 years ago. In a way this is strange, as the two styles share many influences and are both loud, extreme forms of rock music. ASSWIPE JUNKIES www.facebook.com/Ass-Wipe-Junkies-964643593665463. instrumentalists who are able to grunt along while playing their I would not call Metallica radically "different" in the sense that they were doing things nobody did before or nobody did at the time. Hence, Punk-rock bands boast colorful characters. sought to do away with the frivolities introduced in the later years of the original punk movement. metal fans who swear they can understand the lyrics, and there This would also be quite subjective. inhabits a parallel universe. lookout) fit into all this? ), sorry. This also spotlights another important difference. Punk is garage rockabilly played by anarchists (but with a Rasta Reggae tinge to the bass). Me. Folks that diss Punk can't stand the sometimes preachy tone. Find out for sure with this quiz! Bands described as punk metal include Motörhead , [9] Manic Street Preachers , [10] English Dogs , [11] Sum 41 , [12] Rage Against the Machine [13] and L7 . Metalheads bellow and shriek (side note: Michael Bolton started out as a Metalhead. How do they compare with the woozy psychedelic doom of bands like Esoteric and Skepticism? Perhaps hyper-chromaticism made logical by repetition would be more accurate. Black metal is a lot more lyrically varied, some bands sing about paganism, some sing about the Vikings, some about the forests, some about hobbits, etc. Advertisement. Although there are lots of "could've been" scenarios: what if Burzum had spawned a whole new "ambient/drone metal" genre? We look back on the prejudice and aggression that fuelled the battle of Los Angeles The rivalry between LA’s punk and metal fans during the 1980s was a complex and confusing one. 1.2 Blackster vs Anarchopunk; 1.3 Folk vs Irish; 1.4 Viking vs Straight edge; 1.5 Goth metal vs Post-punk (il dark originale) 1.6 Nu metal vs Skater punk; 1.7 Poser vs Poser; 1.8 Epic/power vs Steampunk; 1.9 Speed vs Hardcore; 1.10 Death vs Horror; 1.11 Heavy vs Punk Rock; 2 Voci correlate I second (or eighth) the omigodyougottahearthis rave for Gorguts' Music is an expression of attitude and emotions of the artist and has served as a reflection of the times especially in the case of grunge, punk, and metal music. rules!" I think part of the death/dismemberment Well, not exactly. Perhaps you're a hybrid? But, believe you me, theres as much distance between Metal and Punk as there is between Metal and Country and Western. Too drunk splish splash. Metal derides punk for being unskilled, simplistic, and political. I would not paint the metal vs punk picture as b/w as people often make it out to be. i also am in awe of the information bulk on this thread. I can't think of any Punker who tries the operatic shriek, and I've never heard any Metalheads mumble all the lyrics in a monotone. On their latest album they've got this huge spectacle piece "Farewell" (for the downloaders, 6:58) where they wheel everything out but the kitchen sink, choirs and all, HUGE thundering production - with the guitars somewhere in the back as a wall of background distortion. What kinds of tunings do they use? Maybe you're more metal. ;-). Probably also just to signify what is and isn't metal, From the acid addled Julian Cope to the menacingly bloozy Nick Cave. What's the difference between modern doom metal and dark ambient noise? Metal vs Punk. You can't put that Jamaican Skank into your sound with no bass, y'see. Theres a couple doctorate degrees floating around in there, too. Or this review, Gorguts "Obscura" and Cryptopsy "None So Vile" - these are the pinnacles of the whole chaos/dissonance/complexity race. Sort of a more punishing type of no-wave.) Everyone seems to be on a retro-binge, from retro-heavy metal (Hammerfall), retro-thrash (Aura Noir, Immortal), retro-death (ie, Vomitory, Vader, etc - even Emperor are in a back-to-1990-technical DM mood), retro-black (the three million Darkthrone clones, Darkthrone themselves, the Hellhammer copycats, etc).

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